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The world holds its breath: Has Maddie McCann surfaced?

For 16 years, there has been no trace of the missing girl Maddie McCann. She disappeared without a trace during a vacation in a Portuguese holiday apartment in Praia da Luz. Investigators had previously assumed that the 21-year-old was likely deceased, and the case gained worldwide attention, in part due to the high-profile search efforts by her parents.

Now, a 21-year-old’s Instagram post is causing a stir. She claims to be the missing girl and is seeking contact with her presumed parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. But is there any evidence supporting her alleged identity? Yes, and she presents it on her account. In a video on her profile, she explains in heavily accented English that, according to her documents, she is 21 years old. However, she also speculates that her age might have been changed.

The young woman also displayed some moles that Maddie is said to have at the same locations. She cannot recall her childhood. In the recording, she also hints that she recently discovered she was a victim of a pedophile before her adoptive parents took her in.

Her followers seem to genuinely believe her and criticize that no one has helped her significantly so far. Many comments under her post ask, “Why isn’t this in the news? The police seem not to be listening.”

On the Instagram account “iammadeleinemcann,” the woman in the video posted additional “evidence” meant to prove that she is Madeleine McCann and truly needs help.

“Help me, I need to speak with Kate and Gerry McCann,” she writes in her profile. “I believe I could be Madeleine. I need a DNA test. Police investigators from the UK and Poland are trying to ignore me.”

It remains unclear how investigators assess the latest developments.

Stuart Henderson