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Breaking News: Fatal Accident Involving the British Royals

This tragedy has shocked the entire United Kingdom. Once again, a fatal car accident involving the British Royals has occurred. The victim was so severely injured that the doctors could do nothing more for her.

The tragic incident, reported by the British Sun, took place on May 10 at a junction in Earl’s Court, West London. The Royal Police escort of Duchess Sophie struck a woman, who succumbed to her serious injuries at the age of 81.

For two weeks, the victim named Helen fought for her life in a hospital. According to her family, there was, however, “irreversible damage to her brain,” leading to the decision to end Helen’s life on May 23, 2023.

Her son, Martin Holland, explained in an interview with the BBC that his mother died after suffering “multiple fractures and massive internal injuries” while using the “safe path of a pedestrian crossing.” It was a motorcycle from the Met Police that hit the woman, causing life-threatening injuries.

The Met Police’s Special Escort Group provides armed protection for members of the royal family, VIPs, and other protected government officials.

Shortly after the announcement of the death, Buckingham Palace expressed “the deepest condolences and sympathy” from Duchess Sophie on Wednesday. The sister-in-law of King Charles III was “deeply saddened,” according to a statement.

The exact circumstances of the accident are now under investigation. The Police Oversight Authority has requested footage from police cameras, but the investigations are expected to take some time. The consequences for the police officer who hit the woman are still unclear. Duchess Sophie has requested the oversight authority to keep her informed of further developments. However, the royal lady has not yet personally commented on the major drama in London. It remains uncertain whether she will do so or if she will let her spokespersons speak on her behalf.

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